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Research Made Easy With Qualitative Research Transcription Services

With researches made compulsory on different degree levels, qualitative research transcription services have gained much of an attention. Whether you are a student or a scholar, a transcription service can reduce your research workload by 90% by:

  • Converting interviews and focus group discussions into readable documents.
  • Transforming precise data which becomes easy to interpret and analyze.
  • Making information easily shareable.
  • Saving a copy of the collected data for follow up.
  • Making statistics available for use as secondary source.

What Are The General Types Of Transcription In Qualitative Research?

Data collection is not an easy task in qualitative research as you do not use the traditional tools like questionnaires and surveys. Rather you collect variant data from people through:

  • One to one Interviews
  • Focus group discussions

But what is more challenging is to scrutinize this data statistically. You have to transcribe all the interviews on paper depending on their type. The general types of transcription in Qualitative Research include:

  • Original Verbatim Transcriptions: If your study needs this type of qualitative research transcription writing, then you will need to include all the elements of speech including:
  • Actual conversation
  • Background noises
  • Filler words

       This type of transcription is very detailed and needs the expertise of a professional.

  • Intelligent Verbatim Transcriptions: If you are following intelligent verbatim, your text will only include main conversation removing background noises and filler words.

That is why a transcription writing service using automated voice technology cannot fulfill the criteria of verbatim inclusions. That is why you should go for human based transcriptions.

How Does A Professional Service Provide Accurate Qualitative Research Transcription Writing?

A legit transcription service like Thesis Writing Help hires professionals with a minimum experience of 5 years in order to provide you quality services for Qualitative Research Transcription Writing. We run your order through the following steps to ensure accurate results:



No matter whatever type of transcription in qualitative research you choose, we will provide you with 100% guaranteed results. Not only have we fulfilled the criteria of 99% accuracy in transcriptions for the qualitative data but other services including:

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We are an international brand consisting of US based Subject Matter Experts (SME) and writers from Pakistan having Masters and PhD degree in the respective fields. We are the only service in Pakistan which has such well-versed writers for over more than 100 subjects including:

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Our experienced writers assist you for:

  • Complete qualitative research transcription writing.
  • Online consultancy for any thesis help.
  • Editing and proofreading of transcriptions for removal of errors.

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