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Supreme Education Thesis Topic Ideas for Students (2022)

  1. Examining the impact of bullying and unhealthy psychological atmosphere in class.
  2. Investigating the similarities and differences between the socialization and education of mentally challenged people.
  3. Approaches to emotional development in early childhood education.
  4. Classroom management and techniques to incorporate in student's reinforcement plan.
  5. The impact of outcome-based education on children's mental health.
  6. Approaches of character education programs to boost the personal and professional development of students for further life stages – a systematic review
  7. Impacts of sex education upon the reduction of sexual abuse in the society – the role of School administrations.
  8. How virtual classroom has affected the quality of education in the past years – a study focused on post-COVID analysis.
  9. How schools can enhance the competency of innovation and novelty among students – a study based on a Brain-based learning model.
  10. What are the main challenges in the modern virtual education system and how it is impacting the psychology of students in overall- a qualitative analysis.

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