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Accountants are amongst the core components of any organization and the requirement for accountants is such that is shall never cease to exist. Accordingly, accounting based qualifications have their own aura and while the number game may sound dull and boring to the general populace, accountancy has always and will always remain an integral aspect of all organizations.

The Ultra ACCA

Correspondingly, you must have come across the ‘ACCA Qualification’ and how accountants who possess this qualification carry leverages over regular B. Com graduates. ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Accountants Association and the qualification gains you the entry in this particular association. Sounds fancy right? It is fancy. It leads to Oxford Business Mentors in obu who are not easy to get in touch with but directs your way expertly. ACCA Qualification offers you a number of benefits such as:

  • Worldwide recognition
  • Global Accountancy qualification
  • Increased job prospects
  • Flexibility in education
  • Remote based learning
  • Comprehensive Curriculum based on International Standards
  • Comparatively cost-effective
  • HEC Recognized
  • Shortcut to certification from Oxford Brookes University (OBU)

To sum all of the benefits listed above, ACCA Qualification is appealing both in academic and practical aspects. You do not need a prerequisite for ACCA Qualification as you can apply for it directly after your Matriculation/ O Levels or Intermediate/ A Levels. In fact, according to the most recent Higher Education Commission (HEC)’s announcement, the ACCA Foundation Diploma can provide you with exemption from three of ACCA’s initial modules and garner you equivalency in Intermediate in Commerce. This can greatly benefit students who are considering studying for practical accountancy from an early level. They can earn the certification while simultaneously gaining the practical knowledge as well through ACCA rap obu mentors. Students can study while maintaining their jobs and other activities as there is no strict schedule and students can give exams as per their convenience or take regular assistance from a prestigious obu rap thesis writing service in Pakistan. Furthermore, ACCA Qualification is a globally recognized qualification and as such covers an extensive curriculum in line with international accounting standards. The skills that you gain while studying for ACCA are of enormous value which can assist you wisely in all organizations and help you strategically in terms of leadership and management as well. The ACCA Qualification is not just theory - the exams are practical case studies. This can guarantee you a job in any part of the world as opposed to a regular B. Com. ACCA is partnered with Oxford Brookes University to provide student with Bachelors in Science (Honors)-BSc in Applied Accounting. You can earn an undergraduate degree while completing your ACCA Qualification. Best of all you can study from any part of the world in comparatively reasonable financial costs.

The upsurge of OBU Mentoring in Pakistan

You must have already read in the above content on how studying for ACCA Qualification garners you several benefits and advantages. Similarly, studying for Oxford Brookes University bestows upon you numerous advantages which can practically help you in your life for eternity. Accounting is a field crucial for the smooth functioning of every organization in the world. A grocery shop in your street cannot function without an accountant either.

ACCA has affiliated itself with the Oxford Brookes University to offer the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Science-Honors (BSc Honors) in Applied Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science-Honors (BSc Honors) in Accounting and Finance
  • Oxford Brookes Global MBA (Postgraduate Program)
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Accounting

Majority of employers prefer that any ACCA qualified student possess a degree because often at times, the certification alone does not stand as equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. ACCA is itself a certification and academically speaking it does not equate to the value of a degree in spite of its widespread and advanced curriculum. Accordingly, many ACCA students aim to complete their Bachelor’s from Oxford Brookes University so that they can carry both certifications hand in hand and thereby increase job prospects. These programs are exclusive degrees offered to ACCA students to gain a BSc Honors degree in Applied Accounting and BSc Honors degree in Accounting and Finance while they work towards achieving the ACCA qualification. The degrees have been jointly designed by Oxford Brookes University and ACCA to meet the requirements of a degree and those of a professional qualification. When a student registers for ACCA, they are automatically enrolled in Oxford Brookes University as well. After completing their necessary ACCA modules and examinations, they can work on their Research and Analysis Project which can be their gateway to acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Accounting or in Accounting and Finance depending on the case with the help of obu rap report writing service whenever necessary.

The Research and Analysis Project consists of two separate documents a 7,500 word Research Report (RR) and a 2,000 word Skills and Learning Statement (SLS). Students are also required to give a presentation on the project to their Oxford Brookes Mentors and to submit the accompanying slides used for your presentation with your RAP.

Other than this, Oxford Brookes University is providing Global MBA and MSc in Applied Accounting which can be undertaken by ACCA qualified students and be completed in less than two years. The ACCA modules act as shortcuts to both the degrees and provide exemptions as well. Both of the degrees are distance learning based degrees meaning that you can acquire them globally from any part of the world without having to be on the university premises.

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