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Thesis Writing Help works through 100% transparency, hence this statementdiscloses the purpose of gathering your data and how it is protected and managedby us. We have further underlined your rights and how you can exercise control while working with an online website.

Basic Data Collection and its Purpose

Once you begin working with us you should be aware that you are required to share the following information with us; your name, email address and phone number. These are compulsory for making your online account. Furthermore, your we ask for your country’s name for VAT purposes and for contacting you based on your convenient timezones – the latter is also confirmed through your IP address that is stored in our system. It also works as a safety factor to track using multiple accounts from the same IP address.

Moreover, sometimes we require verifications through documentspertaining to credit card transactions – especially if you are spending a relatively higher amount. This is to ensure that fake or fraudulent means of payments are not used.

Your email address and phone number is not only used by us to reach out to you, but also for marketing purposes. You will be updated with our newest offers, discounts and promotional deals. You may opt out of these if you wish. Additionally, after your informed consent, your feedback can be posted on our website. Since, your first name maybe attached to your testimonial, you have the option of disclosing it or not. We would need your information, which would be protected by us, for seldom surveys as well.

Data Protection

We have implemented strict security measures to make sure your data is protected and conveyed securely. With the use of multiple encryption techniques, we anonymize content that is no longer in our immediate use. On top of that we also store data that cannot be easily accessed by all of our workers, but only those who have been sworn into highest level of confidentiality. A complete track record of kept up pertaining to retrieval of any information and the reason for it. Although, we do warn our young audience that they be extra careful in communicating with us, especially when it comes to providing sensitive information related to your credit cards – since any unauthorized, third party may gain access to it. And there is not much control that we can exercise over it.

Moreover, we discard data your data, either upon your request or once it is of no value to us. Data is only retained for a relatively prolonged span of time for tax purposes. Other than that we have a strong cyber security that is constantly checked to prevent any breeches.

Know Your Rights

Under law, you have the right to withdraw your data, provide consent for the usage of your data or make necessary corrections in the data you’ve previously provided. Thesis Writing Help encourages you to directly communicate with us if you would any knowledge regarding your data usage, without any hesitation. But with our advanced security and storage techniques, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.


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