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10 Best HRM Thesis Topic for MBA Students 2022

  1. Employee development and training: how HRM helps in staying competitive in the changing market conditions.
  2. Staff evaluation and assessment: subjectivity vs. objectivity.
  3. Investigating the role of HRM in improving poor employee selection process
  4. Finding a perfect balance between rewards and penalties: a case study of companies in the tourism sector.
  5. Impact of training and development on employees working in a remote environment
  6. Relationship between job stress and turnover intention-mediating role of job commitment 
  7. Role of HR in managing employee boredom and stress during lockdown period: influence of digital device usage 
  8. HRM approaches in effectively managing the employee engagement and work culture amidst the covid-19 pandemic.
  9. Strategic HRM practices for promoting the work-life balance during Covid-19.
  10. Challenges facing Human resource managers for performance management in the post Covid-19 situation. 

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