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Publishing a book is often considered as an arduous task filled with obstacles, the primary obstacle being getting the book written. Writing is seen as a hobby and not as a job especially in our subcontinent and while there are measures to destigmatise this stereotype, the whole notion surrounding the writing job is still regarded as taboo in many areas. Writing is basically a task which requires a lot of creativity and of course writing skills and is usually undertaken by students or people who have majored in Literature or Humanities. Nevertheless, students from all disciples have shown interests in pursuing writing and exploring abstract thinking. Writing is not a task that shall remain exclusive to a literature major, many renowned scientists and personalities have published their books to great acclaim.

What factors act as barriers to writing a book?

  • Time management issues arising from hectic schedules
  • Lack of proofreading and editing skills
  • Heavy costs associated with getting a book published through a well-known publisher
  • Writer’s block
  • Writing Anxiety

Writing a book and then getting it published is a strenuous undertaking in itself. As a first step you have to overcome the feelings associated with fear, apprehension and anxiety which incessantly stop you from getting your creative juices running. Such feelings are especially prevalent in Pakistan since we, as non-Native English speakers, are never confident about our English speaking and writing skills. Other than that, squeezing out time between our hectic schedules whether we are studying or working is difficult as well because we are drained of the energy required to gear our brain towards writing. Even if we overcome all that, the job of getting the book published is the toughest due to a scarcity of well-known publishers in our country plus the inflated costs associated with getting your book published.

When Working Manually Does Not Work, Go Digital

We are living in the 21st century massively dominated by technology and it is safe to state at this point that we are living in the Digital Era. We can find the solution to all our problems on the omnipresent internet and get our tasks done rapidly. Students can seek for essay help or dissertation help online. As such, the populace has worked up a solution to writing books and getting them published with ease i.e. ‘E-Books’. As the name suggests, e-books are electronic books available online in PDF formats which can be bought and downloaded from online publishing sites and from freelancers as well. Writing an e-book can prove to be advantageous in many ways such as:

  • Minimal setup time
  • Lesser costs and small budget requirement
  • Flexibility in terms of word limit and topics
  • Increased exposure and traffic
  • Portability
  • Environmental friendly

An actual paper based book requires a minimum of 25,000 words and volume while an e-book can be published in 8,000 words as well. You can carry thousands of e-books in your mobile phone instead of having to bear the weight of so many books in reality and you can sort and manage them without complication. You can save up on tons of space by retaining e-books instead of books and search them as per your preferences without hurdles. Since majority of the populace spends significant amounts of time on their digital gadgets and devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers, you can reach a wider audience via internet contrasted with print materials such as newspapers and magazines and books. The best part is that since all kinds of research can be done online and information can be attained in the brink of a second, you can conduct diverse searches online and gain plenty of insight which can enrich the quality of your content. With tools available for checking plagiarism, you can ensure that your work does not appear copied and appears original. E-books can be saved and downloaded multiple times without any risk of damage whereas books are critically prone to damage and  since they have high production costs, they are overall expensive too. Keeping in mind that there are increasing concerns for environmental sustainability, publishing e-books contributes to environmental friendly practices as well.

Scope for Professional E-Book Writers

Whether you belong to engineering or medical or legal or whichever field or disciple, at any point in life you may consider publishing your years of toil and explorations into books and have them accessible to a wide range of audience.  Many great minds let their research go unpublished due to practical issues and lack of resources but since the advent of e-books, many legendary minds have opted for this option to distribute their work.It has been witnessed that traditional book writing services are also lending great a helping hand towards this digital innovation of electronic book writing. E-books gain individuals and businesses online traction and therefore generate leads as well which in turn increases their credibility and overall profile. Individuals have been blessed with the platform to assuage their yearning for writing and having their messages reach the masses as well. Businesses are now in fact hiring professional e-book writers to publish e-books online which provide in-depth knowledge of their profiles and prove enthralling as well.

Thesis Writing Help brings to you E-Book Writing Service in Pakistan

Thesis writing help boasts of a diverse and expert panel of writers, proof-readers and editors who are well informed on all kinds of topics and writing and accordingly can deliver excellent e-books suited to your requirements. If you are an individual or a business on the pursuit for professional e-books writers who can facilitate you with their cheap e-book writing service, then you have stumbled upon the right path! Plenty of factors can act as impediments to writing e-books and getting them published but if you desire for writing an e-book but are not able to manage it through, you can outsource e-book writing to Thesis Writing Help for we pride ourselves on possessing distinguished writers and you can retain the best e-book writer from our panel as per your preference. We offer discounted rates and packages and make it a priority to not let our customer go from us disheartened due to any reason. We proofread all work for all kinds of errors and further edit the work quality enhancement. Additionally, we make sure that there is near to no plagiarism and the finalised work features every ounce of originality possible. Our services are entirely online and accessible remotely so you can communicate with us from any part of Pakistan whether Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta or any city or even abroad. So waste no more time and contact us now for consultancy!

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