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While working with Thesis Writing Help, we assume that you inevitably agree to the following terms and conditions;

  1. The website works as a prior means of communication for finding a suitable writer for the customer.
  2. We reserve the rights to refuse to work with any of the customers, due to any inconvenience, but in that case you will get full refund.
  3. In cases of unacceptable or outrageous suggested delivery times or pricing, we are entitled to reject the customer’s request.
  4. The customer is prohibited to make direct contact with the writers for future projects. One has to go through the same procedure by communicating through the website.
  5. The request for writing shall be accepted and further processed only after the due amount of payment is made during the allotted time.
  6. The agreement made between the two parties is not subject to change for the time it will last, after it has been confirmed by both.
  7. The website reserves rights to use their discretion in picking out writers for you – based in their work experience, your demands and the nature of research.
  8. If the payment is not made within the due time, it may result in cancellation of the order or may delay the delivery of the final work.
  9. The customer is expected to give clear cut guidelines and instructions before the payment and after receiving approval from the writer. Failure to do and by imposing outrageous or conflicting demands later may lead to cancellation of order or delayed delivery.
  10. If the demands made after the agreement are extensive and time-consuming, an extra cost may be added and the date of delivery may change.
  11. We assume that the customer understands that all the data collected it used for reasons to maintain contact, process information and for identity verification.
  12. All the data collected is stored and processed on the basis of our privacy policy.
  13. Value added tax is specified with the fees wherever it I required.
  14. If the customer chooses to pay in installments, they should be mindful that the delivery of work may extend the due date unless the full payment has been made before it ends.
  15. Once the payment has been made and our writers have started working on your task, upon cancellation of such an order there shall be no refund. Unless payment has not been paid and the customer decide to cancel the order.
  16. Thesis Writing Help prohibits the resale, redistributing and further publishing of the work provided by our writers to their customers.
  17. If anyone is found reselling or profiting off of our work on other websites or organizations unknown to us, Thesis Writing Help reserves the right to discontinuing working with them or even taking strict legal action.
  18. The customer understands that the final result is not solely dependent on our input, but may be a result of the student’s own piece of work – in that case we are not responsible for an unsatisfactory grade.
  19. There is an unspoken agreement that these terms and conditions are legally binding for all the concerned parties.


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