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Dr. Adrish is a highly qualified personality, renowned in the education sector for his magnanimous efforts in assisting students in need of academic help pertaining to thesis and dissertations. He managed to cater to such students by laying the foundation stone of his famous academic writing website namely, He came to the decision of launching this website after having struggled through his undergraduate program without the proper guidance that he required but had to attain after a ginormous amount of searching. is as at present amongst the most sought after academic writing websites in Pakistan and is successfully providing all kinds of academic help to the students in dire need.

Dr. Adrish is presently providing academic consultancy to numerous clients worldwide and in Pakistan, and his strong grasp on the English Language and areas such as Finance, HR, Marketing etc. as well as different referencing styles such as Harvard, MLA and APA etc. allows him to provide consultancy for all kinds of subjects and academic writing. He leads as well as trains other academic writers proficiently on a regular basis at


  • Bachelors in Business Administration – (BBA) December, 2005 | University College London
  • Master In Business Administration – (MBA) December, 2008 Majors in Marketing Management | Anglia Ruskin University, London | Dissertation (the impact of remuneration on the financial performance of the UK banks)
  • Doctorate (PhD) December, 2011 Actuarial Sciences | Glasgow University


  • Fulbright Scholarship Award for Undergraduate Program by Fulbright Commission – 2001
  • Chevening Award by the British Council - 2005
  • All Disciples Award by Fulbright Commission – 2007



Born in Karachi, Dr. Adrish was always an enthusiastic person when it came to writing and education. He managed to win a scholarship to the University College London once he was done with his A Levels. He decided to opt for Bachelors in Business Administration since he wanted to work as an entrepreneur and hence chose the following as his electives:

  • Marketing Management
  • Corporate finance
  • Supply chain management
  • Analysis of financial statement
  • Human Resource Management
  • Advertising

He maintained his grades and managed to remain at the pinnacle of his class in terms of his academic output and eventually graduated with an exceptional CGPA in 2005.

He applied for a Master’s in Business Administration at Anglia Ruskin University, London; at which he was accepted with another scholarship on the basis of his research papers. He continued to study at the university, having chosen Marketing Management as his major and submitted his Masters Dissertation on the topic “The Impact of Remuneration on the Financial Performance of the UK Banks” in the year 2008. He conducted extensive research during his Masters and worked on a number of research projects as well. His yearn to move forward in life with advanced education was assuaged with the accomplishment of his doctorate (PhD) in Actuarial Sciences from Glasgow University in 2011.



  • Fulbright Scholarship Award for Undergraduate Program by Fulbright Commission – 2001
  • Chevening Award by the British Council - 2005
  • All Disciples Award by Fulbright Commission – 2007

Administrative Roles

Administrative Roles

Dr. Adrish led to the inception of; an online academic writing website which is efficiently catering to the students in dire need of assistance related to their assignments, thesis, dissertations, research papers and much more. He actively provides free consultancy and guidance as well via the website while overall managing the organization. He leads and trains the thesis writers and conducts the Q/A for all the academic orders processed.


Professional Activities

Dr. Adrish is well known for delivering academic and research consultancy to miscellaneous clients worldwide in addition to leading . He can proficiently craft all kinds of assignments, research papers, thesis, dissertations, proposals and much more and possesses an abundant pool of knowledge when it comes to academic writing. He conducts the Q/As for all kinds of academic writing at He leads and trains other academic writers and provides free consultancy and mentorship on the website as well. His familiarity with Business subjects such as Finance, HR, Management and Marketing allows him to conduct Q/As with enhanced efficiency and lead the academic writers accordingly.

Event Conference/Guest Speaker

Event Conference/Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker at “Impact of Fiscal Policy” Conference in 2003

Guest Speaker at “International Financial Law” Conference in 2005

Guest Speaker at “People Make Marketing” Conference in 2007


  • Marketing Research Report of Frozen Meat named as “Fresh Meat”
  • Feasibility report on “PIZZA ROLLS”
  • Time value of money report (City bank, Barclays bank)
  • Report on Distribution network on “COCA-COLA BEVERAGES LTD”.