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Best Economics Thesis Topic Ideas and Examples for 2022

  1. Impact of poverty on economic growth: A case of BRICS economies
  2. Understanding educational progression at the local level: A comparison of the North and South cities in the UK
  3. Analysing the effect of unemployment on GDP: A case of Asian companies
  4. How did Covid-19 has affected on the different economic activities of developed countries?
  5. Analyzing salary inequalities in the United Kingdom and the forces behind such inequalities? – A Critical analysis
  6. Impact of inflation and interest rates on economic growth and development: A case of UK
  7. A critical analysis of the extent to which the concept of oligopoly exists in the UK markets
  8. Evaluating the role of COVID-19 in affecting the economy of India and China
  9. Analyzing the levels and prevalence of self-employment in various parts of Europe. An Analysis of the United Kingdom
  10. Impact of unemployment on poverty and economic growth: A case of developing countries

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