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10 Engaging Thesis Topic for Finance Student

  1. The impact of quantitative tools of monetary policy on the performance of deposits of commercial banks. A case of the UK
  2. A study of banking and the growing significance of digital banks over physical banks: A case of the UK
  3. Impact of interest rate and exchange rate volatility on the stock market of the UK. A moderating role of Covid-19
  4. Understanding the role of forensic accounting profession in prevention of money laundering in UK
  5. The impact of Covid-19 and international risk exposures on the financial performance of UK banks.
  6. Factors that affects on the fluctuation of the stock market performance of firms
  7. The comparison of the single class firms with dual class firms: Evidence from IPOs of the listed firms 
  8. The validity of the irrelevant theory in the UK markets: Evidence from retail sector 
  9. Moderating effect of audit quality: The case of dividend and firm value in UK organisation 
  10. Effect of audit committee and risk committee on the performance of organisation: Moderating role of board gender diversity 

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