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Save Your Vital Information with a Professional Interview Transcription Writing Service

From recruitment to legal procedures, Interviews carry immense importance as they contain vital information and that is why people hire professional minute takers for their meetings. Minute takers charge high fees for noting down the key elements of your interviews.

However, with a professional Interview Transcription Writing Service, you can secure all the vital information you need from the recorded interview just within your budget.

What Do Interview Transcription Services Do?

Interview Transcription services listen to the recorded interview and accordingly convert the speech into a readable document. It totally depends on the user what part of information they want to transcribe depending on the type of transcription:

  • Strict Verbatim: This includes every single word uttered by the speaker even including background noises.
  • Smart Verbatim: This one strips off distracting elements of a speech for e.g. coughing, throat clearing and interjections like “mm- hmm”, “yeah”, “uh”.

Why Hire A Professional Service for Getting The Necessary Transcripts of Interviews?

You either have choice to:

  • Store a pile of recorded interviews in an audio/video format.
  • Spend days and days in making transcripts of interviews yourself.
  • Appoint a qualified person on expensive wages.


  • Hire an affordable service for transcriptions.

With the notion of “Time is Money”, a good transcription writing service will save your valuable time and money spent on doing transcriptions yourself or recruiting and paying a regular employee for transcriptions.

What Professions May Require Interview Transcriptions?

You do not have to be a Human Resource Manager or a lawyer to need a transcription only. Almost all the professions need to maintain records of their key events such as:

  • Psychologists: For making follow-ups of different sessions easy.
  • Researchers: For clinical trials, case studies and qualitative research.  
  • Marketing strategist: For understanding consumer behavior and feedback.
  • Journalists: For news writing on different subjects related to political issues and current affairs.
  • Doctors: For patients’ record keeping of their diseases and affectivity of treatment.
  • Recruiters: For interview transcripts for better hiring and recruiting.
  • Lawyers: For keeping records of all cases, verbal evidences and verdicts.

With the availability of some premium Interview transcription services, you do not have to carry out notes for every event, just tap that record button on your phone and send all your files to a transcription service like ours. Not only you can have your interview files transcribed but we have expertise in other domains like:

Why Hire Us For Your Transcription Writing?

Thesis Writing Help is one of the leading websites in Pakistan whether it comes to providing thesis help or an interview transcription writing service. We guarantee you will not be able to find these best facilities in any other transcription services:

  • 24 hours customer support: We have 24 hours customer support available for you, no matter at what hour of the day you need our assistance.  
  • Budget friendly rates: We can assure you high quality transcriptions at prices cheaper than any other service in Pakistan.
  • 99% accuracy: We assure 99% accuracy of all the transcribed files through Quality Assurance done by our US based Subject Matter Experts.
  • Verbatim inclusions: No matter whichever type of verbatim style you want for your interview transcription, we don’t charge extra for it.
  • Experts’ consultancy: You can treat yourself to free-of-cost consultancy from experts for your convenience.
  • Quick turnaround times: Have an urgent requirement? Get transcriptions done with zero errors and quick turnaround times.
  • Money back guarantee: We assure quality transcriptions and prompt delivery. But if you still think your transcription did not fit the requirements, you can get a complete refund from us.

Thinking of getting an interview transcribed for yourself? Just fill in your requirements through our online form and get best rates for you or contact us now!

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