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Hire One of the Best Focus Group Transcription Services in Pakistan

With the rising competition among different brands and a large number of students applying for Masters and PhD, the need for research has been increased as well. No matter for whichever purpose you are conducting research as a student, a focus group transcription can help you in multiple ways during the research process. As such, it is best if students hire some Focus Group Transcription Services for getting their transcriptions done in a professional manner.

What Is A Focus Group?

A focus group is a small, demographically diverse group containing a maximum of 15 members participating in discussions mainly focused on:

  • Needs of people as a part of product development and marketing strategy.
  • Providing feedback of a launched product or service.
  • Understanding problems of a society or an organization to formulate research question.
  • Respondent’s opinions and behaviors in a qualitative research methodology.
  • Delivering feedback on current affairs and political discussions.
  • SWOT analysis for assisting in strategic management process.
  • Understanding various factors to help managers in decisions making process.

Focus group discussions are either noted down or recorded for listening or being transcribed later.

What Is The Use Of A Transcription Service In Focus Group Discussions?    

All the focus group discussions are carried out to generate information to help make certain decisions. There is a chance you might:

  • Miss an important point while noting down the discussions.
  • Be unable to understand the different dialects and languages.
  • Spend all your valuable time playing and replaying the recording of a discussion to transcribe it.

You can avoid all the troubles by hiring a professional focus transcription company. You will never miss any important point or have to spend all your time listening or converting your focus group discussions into readable text. You will just have to send your recordings to a transcription writing service along with the turnover time.

“Is Hiring A Focus Transcription Service Expensive?”

No! A legit transcription service offering Focus Transcription Writing charges according to rates/ minute and number of speakers. These transparent charges offer you services at much cheaper rates compared to:

  • Hiring a person for transcriptions.
  • Buying expensive tools if you are transcribing yourself.

With extremely budget friendly rates, a legitimate service does not charge extra for the transcription process such as for:

  • Verbatim (word to word) inclusions.
  • Timestamps
  • Different dialects
  • Editing and proofreading

“How Long Does Your Focus Transcription Company Take To Convert Recordings?”

Thesis Writing Help offers quick turnaround times for transcription services. You can get your transcriptions done on an urgent basis with turnaround times as quick as 6 hours without any compromise on the quality.

As a reliable Focus Transcription Company, we make sure that our customers can avail our services through a convenient process. All you have to do is follow the basic steps of order placement:

  1. Contact our customer service team via call or WhatsApp.
  2. Send your recording to us.
  3. Select the turnaround time.
  4. Choose the suitable payment method.
  5. Get your transcribed files delivered to your mails.

Why You Should Choose Our Focus Transcription Writing Service?

Our transcription services are not limited to focus groups only but we have expertise in other areas including:

Upon availing our Focus Transcription Writing Service, you can rest assured that you will definitely be getting the following:

  • 99% accuracy
  • USA based experts
  • Writers with +5 years’ experience
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Free consultancy
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Data confidentiality
  • 100% money back guarantee

 If not convinced already, head over to the Live Chat or ring us on WhatsApp right away to speak with us!

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