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Have you ever been to Lahore? Historically, it is one of the richest cities in Pakistan. This historical relevance is reflected in its universities and other academic institutions. Studying in Lahore is more than just academically beneficial, the experience of living there would teach you a lot about the history of Pakistan and let you experience it live, considering how popular tourism is there due to all the historical sites that anyone would love to see and explore. A lot of universities in Pakistan are internationally recognized.

Government College University, Lahore

An amazing choice indeed if you wish to study business in Lahore. The university claims to understand student’s needs and cater to them in a way that will prepare them for both their practical professional life and life as an adult in general. Who wouldn’t want a handbook for that? It is an honorable mention in the list of top 7 business universities in Lahore in 2019 due to the fact that it was one of the leading educational institutions in the Indo-Pak subcontinent.

  • The rich history of this place ensures quality education; the academic excellence cannot be doubted due to a century of experience.
  • They have an amazing staff prepared to help their students in any way that is required, making sure that they live up to their full potential.

Information Technology University

A university truly worth mentioning in the top 7 business universities in Lahore in 2019! This university is a fine choice for business education because it is internationally recognized and has a very carefully deigned curriculum that fits the needs of all of their students. They aim to train students in such a way that once they graduate, whatever businesses they go to, they can improve them and add to their success by improving their performance through the skills they’ve acquired over their time at this institution.

  • They offer a BS course, a four year Honors degree recognized by the HEC
  • They cater to their students verbal and nonverbal needs as far as business education goes

University Of Education

This definitely is not a university which you would need cheap dissertation writing services for. Another important mention when talking about the top 7 business universities in Lahore in 2019, this university will give you all the practical and theoretical experiences you could possibly need to grow and flourish in the field of business. It will give you internship and job opportunities along with great interaction with relevant people who could help you excel as a professional in this particular field, truly an opportunity worth availing.

University Of Engineering & Technology, Lahore

One of the oldest engineering institutions in Pakistan, you are bound of have heard of UET. Did you know they offer a business program? While it is not that well-known, their business program is truly worth mentioning amongst the top 7 business universities in Lahore in 2019. Its historical importance is reflected in the students it puts out every year, the institution’s academic excellence is reflected in every aspect of it. Truly a place where you want study at if you want to understand Lahore in every way. Dive into its extremely rich history.

  • They offer 4 year honors program in business education
  • They have an amazing, well-experienced stuff, learning from whom will definitely be an experience you won’t get anywhere else
  • They have strong, market based research activities to help their students grow

University of the Punjab

We’ve all heard of PU, how can it not be in the list of top 7 business universities in Lahore in 2019? They rightfully claim to have the oldest and best department of Business Administration. It was established in 1972, and some of the finest minds in the field of business have been born from the business administration school of Punjab University, if that doesn’t make you want to get your degree from here, what will? It was established way back in 1836 and then developed further from there, the impact of colonization imminent in everything about the university (in a good way, of course).

  • They also have a law college which has been here since before PU became a fully functioning university
  • Since 1995, they have also had MBA evening courses

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

Just because COMSATS isn’t originally a business university, don’t doubt its authenticity when it comes to business education. That would truly be a mistake, seeing as this very easily makes the list of top 7 business universities in Lahore in 2019. While admissions are currently closed, you should definitely keep this amongst your top choices when it comes to business universities in Lahore, because it is without a doubt one of the finest institutes for it there.

Imperial College of Business Studies

ICBS Lahore is one of the most well-known, internationally recognized private institutions of Pakistan as far as business education goes. The good news is that admissions for it are open until September of 2019 so you can still apply! This is surely one of the finest universities for business that you can apply to whilst living in Pakistan. It will give you great theoretical practice and equally helpful practical experiences that you will need in order to have a successful profession in the field.


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