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A list of the top 100 business related research paper topics from the top 10 universities in Pakistan:

Finding the best research topics in Pakistan for dissertation and research papers is always challenging and extremely difficult. Students enrolled in PHD, MPhil, Masters & Graduate face too many hurdles in selecting and approving the topic from their dissertation supervisor. 

We all are very well aware of the fact that our final degrees are associated with our final projects which entails an approved dissertation. Being a leading academic assistance provider, we understand the importance of best business research topics for students enrolled in Business Studies. For that purpose any student can seek help from Dr. Adrish for research paper writing service through his authentic website and ask for free research paper topics.

Here are the Latest and Unique Business Research Topics and Ideas

  1. Diversity at the office
  2. Pay according to performance
  3. Ethical practice in businesses
  4. Public-private partnerships.
  5. Entrepreneur strategies
  6. Franchise dealing
  7. Removing business regulations
  8. How to manage well?
  9. Leadership training
  10. Importance of spoken word


Some popular topics that you will find interesting:

  1. Small organization challenges
  2. Leadership in business
  3. Compare the ethics laws
  4. Respecting the diversities
  5. Importance of word of mouth in digital era
  6. Owning a business and franchising: comparison
  7. How does involvement with charities benefit a company?
  8. What is the most popular means of advertising?
  9. Best country to invest money into
  10. Create a healthy work environment

Topics related to business administration:

  1. Impact of advertising on buyer
  2. Employee behaviors and factors that affect them
  3. How to yield maximum productivity
  4. Motivating staff – does it help?
  5. How to maintain employee retention


Topics for international business research:

  1. Impact of companies on consumers that are on social media
  2. How to avoid failing internationally as a company
  3. How does war impact a company?
  4. Ways to guarantee success in a business
  5. International business languages


Tops related to business management:

  1. Prominent women in the business world
  2. Managing employee problems
  3. Problems before business startups
  4. Overworking your staff - consequences
  5. Why restart a business?
  6. Inter-organizational networks
  7. The benefits of strategic alliances
  8. Crisis management in an organization
  9. Innovation and strategies with respect to network markets
  10. Social entrepreneurship and enterprise


Business ethics research paper topics:

  1. Business decision making and how moral principles affect it
  2. Why would people behave unethically in a workplace?
  3. Psychology and history of business ethics
  4. Moral judgment when working in an office environment
  5. Are companies honest with their customers? What are the impacts of this honesty?
  6. How can a firm go bankrupt – behavioral analysis
  7. Taking responsibility for a company’s corporative ethics
  8. How different are the business ethics of a manager and the personnel?
  9. Why are ethical codes necessary for any company?
  10. Sexual harassment in workplaces – causes and ways to prevent it.


Persuasive or argumentative topics:

  1. Mergers or acquisitions – which is better?
  2. Is it okay for manufacturers to wait until the last minute?
  3. What is more beneficial, focusing on the market or the product?
  4. Newer employees, better rights. How would this impact an organization?
  5. Business that focus on service and focused entrepreneurship
  6. Can leadership be an acquired skill or do you have to be born with it?
  7. Monetary incentives vs. fringe benefits and personal acknowledgment
  8. Is it okay for companies to maximize labor for profit?
  9. Animal testing and cruelty – do companies lose a lot because of it?
  10. How helpful can social media and marketing be in order to attract an audience?

Brief research paper topics:

  1. What are good strategies to promote small businesses?
  2. Small business and the benefits they get from social media marketing.
  3. What niches shouldn’t be chosen for a small business?
  4. What attracts the right type of customers in small businesses?
  5. A life without small businesses in the market – what would happen?
  6. Sharing a small business with a friend – discuss pros and cons.
  7. How does brand image impact a business? Think from the consumer’s point of view.
  8. The usage of psychological techniques by businesses to make people buy expensive products.
  9. Healthy work environment in a small business – how can we create one?
  10. What countries are best for opening a small business?


Business communication research:

  1. General communication vs. business communication
  2. Internal business communication vs. internal business communication
  3. Why is communication important in any business?
  4. Business communication and how it keeps up with technological advances in the present day.
  5. Business communication and its importance when it comes to recipient’s actions.
  6. What are different document types in business?
  7. How does inside communication in a business impact its overall image?
  8. What are basic elements of business communication?
  9. Explore different mediums and channels for business communication
  10. Is active listening important for business communication?


Law related topics:

  1. The pros and cons of using real and fake names to protect your work legally
  2. Non-disclosure agreements – how can they protect a business?
  3. Copyright laws and how they impact two parties, their individual involvement and the benefits they get from it.
  4. Implementation of authority before negotiation.
  5. What precautions should a company take in order to make sure their employees don’t join an opposing party.
  6. State law and federal law with respect to marijuana related businesses in the US.
  7. Do state officials have a better chance to succeed with a dismissal request for corruption cases?
  8. Trading and how it has worked throughout the decades.
  9. Alcohol related laws – how beneficial are they to the public in terms of its sale and consumption?
  10. Corporate crimes and the need for death penalty, if there is any.


The following are some miscellaneous ideas for writing a business-related research paper. 

  1. Labor at lower costs
  2. Programs for fitness
  3. Mining
  4. Oil companies
  5. Male-female wage gap
  6. Wages
  7. People that are obsessed with their work
  8. Word of mouth: a never-dying marketing form.
  9. Use of Facebook as a branding strategy


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