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Why Thesis Report is Mandatory for MBA Student?

Your MBA thesis report is going to be one of the most crucial, extensively researched document of your graduate program. The gravity of this thesis paper can be very intimidating for most students and may cause them to either look for external help or choose to opt out of it – by taking extra courses instead.

But you must understand that the coursework, research and literature involved in MBA thesis report writing has far greater benefits than what you learn in any other course as a substitute for it. Especially since you are verifying data, collecting authentic and credible literature on the given topic and are probably representing your written ideas in verbally to your supervisors, teachers, peers and at future companies. Hence, the consolidated learning that comes from perfecting your thesis report probably does not come from passes the courses – in which you appear for the test once.

  1. Increase in Competition

If you have noticed, there has been an overall rise in the trend of students pursuing MBA over time. Students also tend to switch from different undergraduate programs and study MBA later. This way, there is an additional number of students competing for a limited number of jobs. Hence, the stakes are already high. So what is it that will set up apart in the marketplace? Aside from your work experience and your overall application as well as competence towards studying, your thesis report plays a substantial role in helping you stand out from the crowd.

Thus an increase in competition, has forced students to have a more cutthroat approach and everyone is striving to write more compelling thesis reports so that they gain an upper hand in job interviews. This is why having a thesis report that is comprehensive and impeccably written is mandatory for success.

  1. Publishing Opportunities

Once you have a thesis report that has been well acknowledged and accepted by your supervisors, there is an increased opportunity for you to branch out your career into publishing as well. Every year, people tend to have a more specific niche-based books published, either independently or through a publishing company. This can help you put your research skills to better use; you can also gain more revenue in addition to the lucrative job you landed through your degree. So it is a surefire way to put your writing skills to the test without any fear of failure. Since, you are required to write a thesis report anyway – most people do not even put their skills to the test do to the fear of failure.

  1. A Reflection of the Student’s Acquired Knowledge

Many students believe that their thesis report is merely a formality that they are forced into writing by their supervisors, just for the sake of it. But in fact the report holds great significance, since it is a cumulative report of what you have learned in the four, extensive academic years and how to apply these skills in a presentable and comprehensive manner.

Hence, your thesis report is a quick review of what you are capable of achieving once you acquire the desired position in the job you are applying to. In addition to your cv, your MBA thesis report is an insight to your thinking process and the ability to tackle grave problems. Most MBA students are also assessed based on their MBA thesis reports – how authentic their research is, how valid their topic is and how they successfully they have conveyed their ideas? All these parameters are judged by serious employers; hence your MBA thesis report is mandatory for academic representation in any company.

  1. More Focused Career Approach

A masters’ degree in business administration can open doors to several fields like health care, human resources, risk management, investment banking, IRS services and accounting. Hence, your thesis report can help you determine which pathway will work best for you. You can do research in a specialized topic based on your interest and that can help you bag the job in your desired field.

This way you are not experimenting with a huge spectrum of job in a highly competitive market, instead you can choose from a variety of options. And if you get the thesis report right, you have better chances at impressing your future employers.

  1. Saves More Time

As opposed to taking up additional courses instead of conducting a research, you tend to save more time writing a thesis paper. In this manner you can also graduate sooner, hence jumpstarting your professional life at a younger age. Taking up courses may also open up the risk of failure – hence it may cause an additional delay in graduating on time. Although, there is a possibility of delayed graduation with rejected thesis papers, but you end up getting a sufficient amount of external help and teacher’s support to help you through.

Thesis reports are exceptionally important in shaping your careers and helping you land a lucrative job. Most students do not realize the seriousness of these reports and tend to submit substandard work that ends up being rejected repeatedly by their supervisors. As stated before, what made MBA thesis reports even more important and mandatory is the fact that they help you specify the type of field you would like to be in. Hence, it will not be wrong to say that a major part of your career is dependent on your performance on the thesis report.

Thus as a responsible student, you must take thesis writing as a learning opportunity and as a path towards defining your future career goals. You should put in great effort to submit your work within the deadline; more over your report should have impeccable English, a clear-cut manner of delivery and a persuasive tone. This way you shall leave a lasting impression on your employer.

If you are an MBA student and are losing the motivation to write a compelling thesis report, then you must understand how crucial this can be for your career. Do not fear the rejection of your final draft, for it will only improve your chances of performing better.

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