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The following blog discusses one of things that students dread the most: dissertations. It as an overview of dissertations. What are they? Why must a student write them? Are they even relevant? All these questions are answered below along with the most frequently asked question: What topic should I write my dissertation on?

Why do dissertations make a student sweat?

Let me guess, you’re another one of those students. The ones, who just cannot, for the life of them, seem to be able to pick a topic to write their dissertation on. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one experiencing this. Believe me; this is much more common than you might think. Many students have difficulties in finding dissertations topics and thesis related titles. In my own experience, choosing a topic for a thesis is an incredibly daunting task and not something that should be taken lightly.

It is incredibly important that a student takes time to think about and research the topic they’re choosing. Apart from being important, it is a very difficult task to accomplish. Students struggle with choosing topic that is relevant and unique but also very specific to their requirements.

Facing difficulty in choosing a topic for online thesis writing is not unheard of. In fact, it is probably a good thing. It shows that a student is making a struggle to find a topic that is unique, relevant and specific.

Well, why aren’t you writing your dissertation? Is it because you simply cannot settle on a topic to write it on? If that’s the case then there’s no need to worry. We are going to provide you with some of the latest and most relevant topics to write a dissertation on that’ll be sure to wow the committee.

Struggle to understand HRM and its functions.

Human resource management, in its simplest form, is the management of employees. This includes recruiting, hiring, deploying, firing and managing them as a whole. Human Resource Management includes a number of things such as training, appraising, compensating and providing benefits, motivating and such.

The diagram shows that HRM covers many aspects of a business. We are going to help you write a dissertation that even the committees of the top 10 universities in Pakistan would be dazed by.

Unique Human Resource Management Topics for Management Students in 2019

  1. The new method of e-HRM and the opinions of employees on this new method: a detailed discussion.

E-HRM is the use of web-based technologies and the integration of all HR systems and activities using this science. When HR uses the internet or any other such related technology to aid their operations, it is known as E-HRM.

  1. Does diversity in the workplace increase or decrease productivity? Discuss.

Workplace diversity refers to employing people who maybe be of different races, cultural backgrounds, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation. Does this have a negative or positive effect on the overall environment of the business?

  1. Outsourcing jobs as opposed to hiring in-house employees. A case study of US IT companies.

Outsourcing jobs refers to hiring employees outside the company. This is a common practice for IT companies in the US. This case study discusses the difference in outcome from outsourcing versus hiring in house employees. Another example would be students outsourcing their essays to custom dissertation writing services.

  1. The effectiveness of performance appraisals in employee retention: A detailed analysis of employee retention policies.

A performance appraisal is the review of an employee’s job performance. This dissertation seeks to discuss whether these appraisals have a positive or negative effect on the company.

  1. What is the correlation between workplace stress and absenteeism? A case study.

This case study seeks to discuss the relationship between absenteeism and the level of stress in a workspace environment. Does a higher level of stress result in increased absenteeism? If so, why?

  1. What affect do different leadership styles have on the level of output being produced? A detailed evaluation.

Different leadership styles tend to have varying results on different employees. This study seeks to evaluate if adopting the suitable leadership style is necessary or if the same level of output can be achieved without opportunity cost, regardless of the leadership style.

  1. Do non-monetary factors actually help with employee retention? Discuss.

Are non-financial benefits actually successful in motivating employees? Do they play a part in keeping turnover low? These are the questions this dissertation seeks to discuss and answer.

  1. Analyzing the criterion for successful working arrangements which have been made flexible. Case study of PricewaterhouseCoopers UK.

This is a case study that seeks to discuss how the flexible working arrangements differ against fixed one and what effect do they have internally and externally.
Assessing the impact of efficient Human Resource Management in the successful

  1. growth of a business. Case study of Tesco.

This case study seeks to discuss how efficient Human Resource Management influences the growth of business while keeping the example of Tesco in mind.

  1. The role of Emotional Intelligence in making successful work-based decisions as opposed to the role employed by Emotional Quotient of an employee. A detailed discussion.

This seeks to apply and see the effects of Daniel Goleman’s famous theory. How does an employee’s ability to keep their emotions in check hold up against their emotional intelligence?

  1. Identifying the key factors involved in high employee turnover rate and the ultimate impact on organizational growth. A detailed analysis.

The reasons and outcome of high employee turnover rate. Why do employees leave a company and how does that affect a company’s operations?

  1. An investigation into HRM tactics employed for Motivation and Employee in the UK clothing industry.  

What are the tactics that the Human Resource uses to motivate employees, particularly in the UK clothing industry?

  1. An in-depth exploration the practices contributing to Gender Discrimination in the South Asian IT industry.

What are the reasons for the excessive gender discrimination in the South Asian IT industry?

  1. How favoritism and bias in the workplace negatively impacts the organizational culture. An in-depth analysis of US Corporate companies.

Taking a look at the corporate companies of the United States and seeing what effect does favoritism have on the employees and the workplace environment amongst other things.

  1. What role do flexible working hours play in employee retention and motivation in an organization? A detailed investigation supported by a case study of US IT companies.

Does allowing employees to have flexible hours have a negative or positive effect? Do employees prefer to stay or does the employee turnover rate increase? This case study attempts to discuss that and more while keeping in mind US IT companies.

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