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Writing a good thesis is an achievement. But the problem is when that thesis is restricted to university submission. Why one should restrict to only university submission and why not get a chance of turning that thesis into an amazing article. That is the agenda of today’s blog by Thesis Writing.

What is the advantage of turning a thesis into an article?

You worked so hard so it is your time to get acknowledgement. When you submit a thesis it only remains with the university but what if your thesis is eligible for a good journal. You need to try to get it on the journal and for that, you need these pro tips.

7 pro tips to change your thesis to an article!

You cannot just submit your thesis as like an article publication, you need to change it though into an article. For that you need to work on these tips:

  1. Know your audience!

To know the audience is a vital key to the article submission. You need to know for which journal you are submitting the article. There are a number of journals for which you can opt for article publication. Check out this list of journals and decide your respective audience and journal. Do not submit your article to every journal you see. Study the journals first, see what topics they usually entertain and then send your article.

  1. Topic of your thesis!

Before even starting the thesis you need to consider what the topic of your thesis is. According to synopsis writing for thesis:

“A good topic can attract the reader to explore the article”

So when you are even starting to write a thesis. Your mission should be to convert it into an article and get it published in a good journal. When you will write with this approach you will get to be the best in your research and topic selection. If you are confused with topic selection for your thesis check out this blog as it will help you!

  1. Be precise but don’t miss out on important points!

The important point in thesis writing is that you have to give full details of your selected topic and give out the detailed working as well. But it doesn’t happen in article writing as one has to be precise and also have to take care of important points.

For Example:

When writing a thesis your abstract must be long but when you are writing an article’s abstract you need to be short. The abstract in article is usually 100-250 words long. In thesis one can choose to write fancy or difficult words to introduce the topic but it doesn’t happen in article writing. One needs to be short, precise and to the point while writing an article introduction.

  1. A good interpretation!

In the thesis you may write a little vague results and findings and later on balance it with your work. According to the article writing services:

Your findings and results ought to give a clear vision and description of your work”

The findings and results of your article need to be:

  • Concise
  • Accurate
  • Relevant

Above are they key features of your article writing. You cannot include too much data directly into the article as it may bore the reader. So you have to take care of these features while writing a thesis and then converting that into an article. You need to pick what is most appropriate for your article and which information you can omit.

  1. Trim your list of references!

You need to trim the list of references and include what is most relevant and important in your article. You can omit the old references it will be good for your article and select the most recent citation for your article.

  1. Take care of the word limit!

Your article has to be according to the word limit of the journal for that you need exceptional editing tool to edit your thesis and shorten it to article word limit. The better choice will be if you start your thesis with the mission of converting it to an article.

  1. The “Tone” of your article!

Remember you are writing an article not a full length thesis. So your article should have the tone that persuades the reader to read the article. It should be properly formatted and with proper referencing styles.

Understand the main differences between a thesis and article!

You need to be aware of difference between an article and thesis writing. Here is the list of difference that you need to consider.



Writing has to be according to academics requirements.

Writing has to be according to journal standards

It is reviewed by a panel of academics geniuses

It is reviewed by numerous people who can comment or reject the article

It is lengthy around 50 pages

It is restricted to word limit of the journal requirement.

The abstract is restricted to 350 words

The abstract is limited to 100-250 words only.

The main purpose of the thesis is how much a person knows about the topic

The main purpose is to increase one’s credibility and


Concluding thoughts!

I will conclude on a thought that what is your motive for turning a thesis into an article. Is it for fame or a real contribution to the field of your choice? You might get your first article publish but that doesn’t guarantee that your next article will be published too.

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