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Top 10 Freelance Websites In Pakistan

There are 4.8 million students enrolled in HEC Recognized Universities in Pakistan and yet the unemployment rate of Pakistani youth as of 2019 was 8.88% which was a 0.9% increase from 2018.

Pakistani Youth has skills that are counted among the top-selling skills of the world, they only require a platform where they can showcase and sell them. This is where freelancing kick-in.

Freelancing is one of the fastest-growing and most paying professions in the world. Some people were earning less than $10 a day but because of freelancing, they can earn more than $100 and that too in a matter of hours. Like there are Thesis writers who are simply posting their ads just on OLX, so if somebody was to search OLX Thesis writers only then their gig would pop up. But if they were to use freelancing websites not only they can generate much more revenue but they can even grow their team.

There is a very famous quote on how life changes if one will.


-Jim Rohn

Although the youth of Pakistan is much clever than one can imagine. They know how to find out solutions for their problems like if somebody is stuck in their Thesis they would simply opt for Thesis Writing Help by Dr Adrish or any expert who can help them out.

Keeping this in mind we have brought forward a blog that will help you choose the platform that suits you and your skills better.

We will discuss the Top 10 Platforms in this blog that can help you to encash your skills.

  1. Amazon
  3. Upwork
  4. Fiverr
  5. People Per Hour
  6. Guru
  7. 99 Designs
  8. Aquent
  9. Toptal
  10. Simply Hired

In the above-mentioned list, there are few platforms in which getting projects is not an easy task, whilst on the other hand, some platforms can get you projects within a day or even a few hours.

Hot Selling Freelance Platform: AMAZON

The entry of Amazon in Pakistan in 2021 has created a pathway for freelancers, small businessmen & even salaried individuals to earn loads of money.

Among them are people who are providing free amazon training and end to end solutions to all Pakistanis.

Here are a few common queries regarding Amazon seller account training that are addressed in these training sessions:

  • How to create an account on Amazon?
  • How to create listings on Amazon?
  • What product should we sell on Amazon?
  • How much money can we make through Amazon?
  • How much do we need to invest on Amazon?

You can also seek clarity on these questions by contacting the given details:

Number/WhatsApp: 0331-2630638


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  • Fiverr:

Fiverr is one of the easiest platforms to get projects. All you have to do is create an optimized Gig with reasonable pricing and BOOM you are already earning.

  • requires intermediate level proposal writing. On this platform, we will find a lot of people who are willing to do work at the lowest rates. But REMEMBER! Always keep your Worth in Mind.

  • Upwork:

Upwork requires professionals. If you have professional Proposal writing skills and interview skills then VOILA projects will start raining on you. You can even get permanent clients.

  • 99 Designs:

99 Designs works on Competitions. The client uploads the brief as an open competition and designers take part in the competition. Once the deadline passes, the Client reviews all the designs and pays the winner.

  • People Per Hour:

People per Hour is a platform that is free for 15 Proposals, after that the freelancer has to buy a premium plan to send proposals.

  • Guru:

Guru doesn’t follow the conventional commission model that deducts commission from seller and buyer both. It takes an 8.95% commission from the freelancer only. The freelancer has to upload his/her services (with the most optimized words). You can then send quotations for different jobs posted.

  • Aquent:

Aquent is a very different Freelance site. Aquent matches you with hiring companies who are looking to hire a freelancer on a long term contract. This is probably among the best sites because consistent income is always better.

  • Toptal:

Toptal is a very difficult platform to get access to. It has an extensive application form where you have to submit your resume, answer a few questions and submit your video Introduction. Once you have submitted your form and video, you will be in line for the online screening process. If you pass the online screening phase then congratulations you are among the top 3% of freelancers in the world.

  • SolidGigs:

SolidGigs is not itself a freelance website but it hunts the perfect gigs for you and updates the list weekly. It is a paid platform, $2 for the first month and $19 per month after that.

  • SimplyHired:

SimplyHired is last on our list of best freelancing Websites for Pakistan. This is not your regular freelance website, instead, it is a job search engine. Recruiters Post vacancies for freelancers and anybody with relevant skills can apply easily.

Number of Freelancers on Each Platform:

Now to sum up our journey in finding the best freelance platform for you; one thing that should be remembered is that work comes only when you want it to.

There are millions of possibilities out there, you just have to find the perfect one for you, or make one perfect for you!


“Pleasure In The Job Puts Perfection In The Work”


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