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Do you suffer from social anxiety or stutter when you are anxious? If yes, then you have landed at the right place at the right time. IELTS can get pretty daunting when it comes to speaking test for three very obvious reasons:

  1. You have to sit with a complete stranger in room, alone – something you haven’t done in a while.
  2. You have to converse with him/her – so your chances of acting like a bygone who only knows primitive language increase ultimately.
  3. You end up making a fool out of yourself by telling an embarrassing story about your childhood.

IELTS speaking tests can lead to suspension of your results if you don’t clear them, so to save you the trouble today we are compiling a list of 10 topics that you can use to your benefit and ace your language test.

Let’s Begin, Drum roll please.


One of the most common and easiest topic of them all are libraries. You can talk so much about them that two minutes time that usually seems like the beginning of the movie 2000 BC that seems to end after an eternity.

Questions that can be asked.

  • Have you ever been to a library?
  • Should there be more public libraries?
  • How do libraries help in education?

While this list is very precise, there is a whole range of questions that can be asked from you. You should know that the authorities give you one minute time before you answer the question, so make it a habit of yours when you practice that you list down all the given points you are planning to talk about so you do not start rambling in between answers as you do on twitter.


Interviewers love talking about dictionaries. They want to know how much of a vocabulary wizard you are; I am kidding that is not the case for very obvious reasons.

But you can expect questions like:

  • How often do you use dictionary?
  • What do you use dictionaries for?
  • What kind of dictionaries do you think are most useful in your opinion?
  • What kind of information can you find in a dictionary?

Daily Routine

This isn’t something you should be afraid of. You can include your personal details with a bit of modification because obviously interviewer does not want to hear about your mundane routine. He wants to listen to something that reflects personality but the kind of personality that doesn’t gross him out – like leaving your clothes everywhere in the room, not clearing of your mess and so on.

Here is what you should expect:

  • When do you usually wake up?
  • Tell us about your routine?
  • Is your routine the same today as it was when you were a child?
  • Do you think it is important to have a daily routine?

Family & Friends

Imagine siting with your interviewer and talking about how you have been estranged from all your familial relationships and you talk about the alienation, the trauma, and everything else as if it was some free therapy session. That is not what the interviewer signed up for, so keep it short and to the point.

Here are some question that you might get asked:

  • How much time do you spend with your family?
  • Do you prefer spending time with your family or friends?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • Is family important in your country?


You might think that your interviewer has lost its mind, or has become delusional when he asks ‘do you like flowers?’ – don’t think that instead say ‘yes, I do.’ Your interview doesn’t have to follow a strict pattern. Interviewers usually use this trick to check if you are equipped with the right vocabulary and tricks of the trade or not.

Here are a few questions to give you an idea:

  • What’s your favorite flower?
  • What kind of flowers do you give to your best friend?
  • Why do you think women like flowers more than men?


If there is one thing that our generation can never get fed up off its food, they’ll provide you thesis help too if you want them to given the topic is food. That is our level of obsession with food. Let your knowledge of food show in your interview, don’t shy away from it.

Here is what you should expect:

  • What’s your favorite food?
  • Is there any dish that you dislike?
  • Have you always liked the same food?
  • Do you have a healthy diet?


This topic has been among examiners favorite for a while, so you can expect them to still talk about it. Internet is a vast topic that gives you the autonomy to talk about an array of topics according to your interests so make use of it!

Here are few questions:

  • How often do you go online?
  • What do use the internet for?
  • How do you get online?
  • What’s your favorite web site?


Imagine during the interview you find out that your examiner has the same music taste as you do – from examination room to becoming buddies that drink together at the pub! Okay, that might sound like a stretch, so here is what you can do: make most of your music knowledge and try to escape the cycle of mundane repetition.

Here are model questions for you:

  • Do you like music?
  • What’s your favorite type of music?
  • Can you sing?
  • Do you think music is important?


If you are living somewhere other than your hometown then this topic can be a real conversation starter for you and your interviewer. Giving little unique details about your hometown can help you stand your ground amidst the anxiety you are experiencing.

Here are a few questions to help you:

  • Where is your hometown
  • Do you often visit your hometown?
  • What is your hometown like?
  • Has you hometown changed much since you were a child?   

Imagine all the enchanting stories you could tell about your hometown.


Engage in enlightening discourse or frame your area of education as the only one worth listening to. No matter how insignificant you think your field of study has been, always make use of your choice of study to establish that whatever you studied has been for the best.

Here are a few questions:

  • What do you study?
  • Where do you study that?
  • Why did you choose that subject?
  • Do you get on with your colleagues?

This might seem like an article by article writing service but it isn’t, so relax and take comfort in knowing that with this piece of lorem ipsum as it appears to you now, you can achieve a lot – if practiced correctly can help you get through your IELTS speaking test with flying colors.

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