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Selection Criteria of thesis topic - 5 step to the path of Heaven!!!

Whether you dread it or look forward to it, but once the time has arrived to write your thesis report, you must select a relevant topic before you begin. The selection of your thesis topic requires great insight, for you must not pick a topic in which you will lose interest halfway through the writing. That is why most students tend to take inspiration from the very beginning of their graduate years. They thoroughly note down the topics that they find interesting in during their respective courses, keep up with the current researches being published and talk to their teachers about the topics they would like to write on. Do not worry; if you are not the student who preplans all their tasks, there are quite a few students just like you. That is why; we have the following tips and tricks listed to help you select the topic that suits you best.

Your Thesis Topic Should Cater to a Current or Future Demand in Your Respective Field

A good thesis topic is on that can be easily applied in the dynamics of your field. It should be a useful and innovative piece of writing that should cater to the current or future needs of your field. If your research topic has a working solution, for the industry you are going to step in, there are greater chances of it being approved by your supervisor. You must back your research with practical ideas or even applicable theoretical solutions that have not been enacted before, but are beneficial. Moreover, an ingenious methodology should be adopted to draw empirical results.

Be Very Niche-Specific

Working on a broad topic can increase your research workload that is why you should choose a more specific topic so that you can explore it in proper detail. This way your thesis report will be more focused and you will be able to express yourself more effectively. Students often tend to believe that choosing an elaborate topic would be more impressive – they might as well get the reaction they anticipated from their teachers. But remember, your thesis writing does not end after selecting a topic, you must actually write on it. That is why, you must always judge a topic based on whether or not you will be able to write on it – not merely on the grandeur associated with the particular topic.

Do Not Choose Very Common Topics

A common thesis topic maybe easier to write on due to the extensive amount of readily available research, but it isharder for you to impress your supervisors by offering something new. Writing thesis reports on common thesis topics makes it difficult for you to stand out.You will be needlessly putting yourself in extreme competition and academic pressure.Thesis paper is not merely about writing it by taking help from numerous other resources, but it is about exploring the topic on your own and showing your perspective and expertise related to it.

Choose a Topic of Your Interest

This is a crucial aspect of your research writing. You must choose a topic that sparks your interest so that you are genuinely invested in researching for it. Writing a thesis paper, undoubtedly, can be a monotonous and time-consuming process – thus, if you are not interested in your topic, you might end up providing sloppy work or shall give up before complete execution. That is why you must start brainstorming on your thesis topic long time before actually selecting one.

Pick Two or Three Topics as Back-up

Thesis topics, especially the ones with entirely new concepts can be tricky to write. That is why, you must have two or three topics as back up. In a few cases, students tend to pick great, novel thesis topics only to abandon them later due to limited amount of research available. The safest manner of avoiding this hurdle is by choosing a thesis topic and picking out similar subtopics. This way, if you find yourself in a sticky situation, you can always expand your approach and discuss the subtopics in your research – without having to completely switch to an entirely different topic.

Explore Through the Resources Readily Available to You

Students often think of the internet as the ultimate guide for their thesis topic. But you will find an oversaturation of information on the internet. That is why, it is suggested that you first explore the resources that are available to you. This can be your coursework, text books, local articles – especially these since they inform you about local market scenarios and demands, lastly your teachers can be of great help too. There is far too much information on the internet, and some of it may not be authentic too. Moreover, a few students tend to be overwhelmed by the ocean of knowledge they find on the internet. Hence, it is safe to say that you should to take start from the resources closest to you and then do extensive research through the web.

Discuss and Make Outlines of the Thesis Topics You Are Interested in

If you find yourself stuck between choosing a topic from multiple options, it is better to form brief outlines. These outlines should discus, your goals, relevance of the topic, literature available and the methodology you will apply for your topic. This way you can compare which topic would be most feasible for you and would help you achieve the best results. Discuss your ideas with your teachers as well since they shall be better guides as what you are supposed to do and how you are expected to go about your research.

Picking a research topic is the first step towards the tedious and daunting process of writing a thesis paper. You must make sure that you get this right, so that you can continue working smoothly in the rest of your thesis paper. Do not worry too much about the final results of your thesis paper, instead you must break down the entire process into smaller, manageable chunks. Getting your thesis topic right means you are already halfway there.

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