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Role of Students in Contributing Donations for Diamer-Bhasha Dam Construction.

If are already not aware of living under a rock, Pakistan is facing the third worst water shortage in the entire world. Some of the rural areas of Pakistan are already facing drought and have residents walking miles daily to collect water from distant sources.

If you are still failing to acknowledge the gravity of the situation, and then imagine this scenario for a second – you will lose the convenience of having fresh water running from your taps, you may have to fetch drinking water from distant areas, which could either be potentially contaminated or very expensive. There will be simultaneous inflation in staple diets due to scarcity of fresh water for cultivation. In fact, water shortage will ultimately result in jeopardizing almost every aspect of economy and daily life. This is precisely why your attention is direly needed to help mitigate the impact of this water crisis.

Diamer-Bhasha Dam, Our Last Resort

With the construction of the Diame-Bhasha Dam, at Gilgit in the Indus River, there is a thin ray of hope. The dam is apparently going to be the biggest roller-compacted concrete dam in the world. This guarantees that its construction will be time and cost effective as opposed to the typical mass concrete dams. Once the dam is built it will provide the following benefits;

“(i) produce 4,500 megawatts of electricity through environmentally clean hydropower generation; (ii) store an extra 8,500,000 acre feet (10.5 km3) of water for Pakistan that would be used for irrigation and drinking; (iii) extend the life of Tarbela Dam located downstream by 35 years; and (iv) control flood damage by the River Indus downstream during high floods.”

On the contrary, Diamer-Bhasha Dam is apparently not going to help with irrigating the fields. There is still a pressing need for Kalabagh Dam for irrigation purposes, since there is a rugged landscape around it. But there are already reservations related to the construction of the Kalabagh Dam.

Quite surprisingly, the foundation for the construction of the dam had been laid back in October 2011 by former Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gillani. Unfortunately, it has lacked consistent work towards its completion. In fact, the construction has not even begun yet; hence they have started the Diamer-Bhasha Dam Fund.

Need for Diamer-Bhasha Dam Fund

The construction of the dam requires five million rupees – this is a massive amount of money for a country like Pakistan that is already drowning in debt. Out of that, thankfully, four billion nine hundred thirty-five million three hundred fifty-four thousand three hundred thirteen rupees (Rs. 4,935,354,313) have already been collected. But, if we are to make a speedy progress, we must make swift contributions.

Why Contributions to the Diamer-Bhasha Dam Fund from Students is Necessary?

This is why the role of every Pakistani and finance thesis writing student is crucial in actively funding for the Diamer-Bhasha Dam. Many people belonging to the elite class and people of a high social standing are already contributing substantial amounts of money for the fund. But the students are also encouraged to step up and play their part. In fact, they are a more reliable source of raising a fairly good amount of money as compared to majority of working class citizens of Pakistan. Here is how you can contribute;

SMS Service

One of the most convenient methods of quickly transfer money for the Daimer-Bhasha Dam is through typing “dam” and sending the text message to 8000. You will be instantly contributing Rs.10 to the fund. There is no limit to how many times you may send the text message; hence you are encouraged to send more.

Collection of Independent Funds

In addition to the dam funds that can be contributed through texts messages, many passionate and altruistic students have set up their independent dam fund collection drives. Taking inspiration from the students of Girls’ Degree College, Peshawar, who took the initiative of collecting funds from the faculty and students in their college, many other students from other institutions have followed through; varying from nursing institutes to army colleges. This way, with a more community-based approach, more individuals will be willing to contribute as they watch their peers do the same.

Awareness Campaigns

In this fast life that revolves around the pretentiousness of social media and the glamour on TV, people tend to forget that the world has real issues that need to be addressed. Hence, many passionate individuals, like the students in Mingora, are determined to raise awareness. They came out in the streets to stress on the importance of building dams and how it could reverse the water scarcity and simultaneously the shortage of electricity.

Pursuing Degrees in Management and Economics

Moreover, students pursuing degrees in management and economics are encouraged to invest their educational years to learn about more effective and innovative ways to eradicate water crisis in the future – since they shall be holding important positions in the government once they graduate. It is necessary that they may not only be well-educated but also socially aware. Moreover, they should be trained enough to have the gift of the gab so that they may influence the people around them make more monetary contributions to important issues.


Although, the students of PHD thesis writing services Pakistan have shown commendable passion and solidarity in raising funds for the dam, it still took the Supreme Court of Pakistan a substantial amount of time to collect the funds – which still haven’t reached the benchmark. It is crucial that there must not be further delay in the process since it will only exacerbate the water crisis in the long run.

On the other hand, there had been quite a disappointing response from a few students who had a different set of opinions hence they were reluctant to contribute to the Diamer-Bhasha Dam fund. They believed that since the government was already taxing them, they need not collect donations in this manner. Unfortunately, they fail to see that this is a national problem and should be addressed enthusiastically and unanimously – for all the contributions made will be benefitting us in the long run.

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