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Online Tools That May Assist In Writing Thesis

Writing your thesis might be the most rigorous and overwhelming task you come across in your academic life and with the ever-growing demanding nature of thesis papers, the task is all the more strenuous now. Luckily, we are living in the digital age where all information can be possessed in the brink of a second. All kinds of mundane tasks ranging from doing the proper citations or checking for possibilities of plagiarism or simply getting the thesis in a proper order can be done with the assistance of tools online.

All kinds of thesis writing help can be obtained easily. As such, here are a few recommended tools which could amount to a great deal of aid when writing your thesis:


This free software tool is excellent for research purposes and offers a wide array of researchers available to take advice from. It also offers guidance on generating references, citations and bibliographies in a whole range of journal styles with just a few clicks. With Mendeley Reference Manager, you can import your documents into a library, annotate documents and enter citations with ease.


This is a freely accessible web search engine which provides scholarly literature and articles for research bases.


This is also an outstanding website if you are looking for scientific research and articles. It offers pinboards consisting of dynamic up to date scientific research curated by experts and an AI-powered search engine giving access to up to 60,000 articles.

Boom Essays

This website offers academic essay writing services plus academic sample essays to browse from which can be bought at low cost for those struggling with guidance and require tips from already published essays.


This is a handy tool which can assist you in generating citations and provide with guides on citation tips as well. Its efficient Plagiarism Checker tool is most useful for avoiding any sort of plagiarism before submitting your final thesis!


This is a brilliant website which also offers an extension on Chrome and corrects your spelling and grammar whether you are on social media or browsing or researching etc. This website can immensely yield in the improvisation of your grammar with its guidance and tips along the way. Moreover, its Plagiarism Checker Tool is of utmost benefit to render your final thesis free of plagiarism before the final submission.

SpellCheckPlus Tool

This is valuable website if you are uncertain about the spellings or grammar you have used in your paper especially if you are not a Native English speaker. A light tool which can be used side by side to avoid grammatical and spelling errors.

An online website convenient if you are looking forward to including illustrations, drawing, flowcharts etc in your thesis to demonstrate your concepts and thoughts in a superior manner.

AOMEI Backup Software

This software offers a variety of backup based products but the freeware back up version is worthwhile to avoid the loss of any thesis based materials on your computer or device. After all, it is essential to have a copy in case of any data related mishaps.

On the whole..

We are blessed with a plethora of softwares and online tools to choose from which can guarantee a brilliant thesis in the end. It is up to the user which tools they find indulging and suitable as per their requirement.

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