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Most Demanding Job In Future

Can you guess what job can be most demanding in the future?

Before we start, are you happy with your job? If not than you can surely benefit from this blog. Or if you are lazy to go to office than boy you will have the motivation to be lazy after reading this.

Well who is not lazy now, eh? Since 2020 almost everybody is at home especially students. So some of them are playing smart and providing online service like CV writing service, which is in fact a really easy task and pays you within no time!

Now keeping this in mind you would say that since synopsis writing for thesis must be among the demanding jobs in future as bachelors and master’s students want somebody else to complete their work for them.

Some would say that professions like Doctors, engineers, finance will stay in demand.

Everyone has their own perspective of seeing the world, and we can never force anybody to view the world from our perspective.

But, these jobs are nowhere going to be as demanding as the jobs we are going to discuss in this Blog.

The jobs that we believe are going to rock the world in the coming future are these four:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. VA (Virtual Assistant)
  3. Software Quality Assurance OR Software Quality Engineer.
  4. Research Proposal Writing Service.


Engineers and Doctors are an essential part of our world. Without doctors these dieses and infections will prolong and decrease the life span of people. Same goes for Engineers without them there will be no infrastructure or innovations. These professions will always be in demand.

Before we jump in the detail of these professions, let’s discuss something that you will never be taught by any school or institute.


There is a little difference between a job and a side hustle. A job is something from which you are getting a fix amount of money by the end of month. While on the other hand Side hustle is something which most people will call a part time job, is very much different from it.

In side hustle you can fix your own time. You are your own boss. You work when you want to. You work as much as you want to.

People usually complain about their jobs not giving them enough money, there is a great Chinese saying for this

Which means “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”

 “Your 9-5 job fuel your side hustle. Your Side hustle fuels your investments and your investments replaces your 9-5 job”

The jobs that are mentioned above are what everybody including doctors and engineers can do as their side hustle as well. These jobs are in most demand right now because 83.4% of the businesses have online presence and some of them are even shutting down their physical stores and making their presence completely online.

The biggest benefit of online presence is that you don’t have to worry about store rent and bills, you just have to focus on your marketing that can for sure increase your sales and with sales comes revenue. People can buy things from your online store 24/7.

David Bailey a very well-known photographer said:

 “To get rich you have to be making money while you’re asleep”- David Bailey

Now it is time we learn about these jobs and how much can you earn from them.


Being a digital marketer seems easy but in reality, a digital marketer have a lot of things on his/her plate.

They have to coordinate with the designers to get the best creative for a campaign that is to be launched. They have to bring out the strategy that can make the client’s business stand out from the competition.

Once the Campaign is run they have to look after the stats that the campaign is showing, how different ads are performing, what ads are bringing in more views and business. Every Business requires a different and unique strategy. No two strategies can work the same on two businesses even if they belong to the same genre.

Being a successful marketer does not require years of experience all it needs is a good mentor who can guide you through every up and down.

Digital Marketers can make $25-$50/ hour easily with their expertise and skills.

VA (Virtual Assistant):

A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed person who provides technical, creative, or administrative services to their clients, from a remote home office.

Many people have this misconception that being a virtual assistant is not a worthy job, but in fact, VAs are one of the top paid people in the world.

They can earn between $35-$100 per hour according to their experience and skills.

Amazon has just come to Pakistan and people are going crazy over Amazon FBA models and for that, investors need Virtual Assistants to do product hunting and manage their Amazon stores.

These people are paid $300-$500 to manage one store. If one can get 3-4 clients paying him/her on monthly basis they can earn more than $2000.

Virtual Assistants can also provide Blog writing services for client’s website alongside e-store management and product hunting services.

Greater the number of services you are providing, more chances you have of maturing a customer into a client.

Virtual Assistant courses are available everywhere, for free and paid as well.


Software Quality Assurance is one of the fastest-growing professions. This job requires IT professionals or at least someone who has studied software design and has a bachelor's or master’s degree in it.

Their job is to check the software and applications that are being developed by developers and run bug tests on them, to see if they find any bugs. If any bugs are found they are tracked and isolated in order to remove them.

Secondly, they have to document the software; complete tests and progress that has been made, every single thing is recorded through documentation. This is just like providing proofreading services but for applications.

 If QA Engineers give a green signal for any software it means that the software is final and ready to be sold or published.

QA Engineers can earn a minimum of $22.23/hour and a maximum of $67.02/hour. Jobs like these are more offered in Software houses and require a person to be present in the office at all times, but it is possible to get these jobs in freelancing if you have the complete package of software development and QA.

Research Proposal Writing Services:

Research Proposal writing services is going up the ladder of success. It is becoming one of the most demanding professions in the world as more and more people are going for Ph.D. nowadays and want somebody to write their research papers for them.

Ph.D. students research more about research proposal writermore than they do about their Research topic.

Research writers can earn from $42,000 to $82,000/year easily. Being a research writer gives you an edge over writing, which means that you have enough research skills now that you can do as many writing jobs as you like.

One can do

  1. Academic writing.
  2. Technical writing
  3. Thesis Writing & etc.

In the next 5 years, we will witness a large amount of youth providing these services. So why don’t YOU start your journey in the digital world??

Start earning by working from your home office and light the candle!


“The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing” - Douglas Engelbart

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