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Our society, and especially our art, is a reflection of our educational system. It is a great insight of the way we have been influenced to think. Unfortunately, we lack innovation – we merely move forward by adapting foreign skills and strategies to succeed in our country. There is such a dearth of new ideas, that Thesis Writing Help came into existence. Students were struggling to either express themselves in English or were simply unequipped with the knowledge and techniques required to write a good academic paper. Hence, the following points have been highlighted based on the shortcomings of a plethora of students, who reached out to us, from all spectrums of life.

Inculcate Critical Thinking Skills

Most young adults these days are either too opinionated or are too indulged in advocating popular set of beliefs, thanks to the growth of social media. But even in schools, children are snubbed for speaking out or questioning authority even if they are wrong. Since a young age, they are forced to express commonly accepted opinions and are warned not to discuss politics, religion or other controversial topics. This inculcates a sense of conformity in them and they stop differentiating things from black or white. Shutting down that part of their brain, hinders students from analyzing things and coming with solutions to socio-economic problems – since they are always applauded for conforming.

Provide More Space for Creative Expression

Students should be encouraged to voice their opinions, pen down their fantasies and explore their creative side. Creativity does not limit one to painting, music, poetry or movie making – but it can be anything from fashion designing to building robots to wood working. A student should not just graduate with a degree, but a particular skill sets that he/she is interested in. Furthermore, a hands-on method of teaching through practical application should be incorporated to truly polish their skills. Not every student is meant to be a doctor or an engineer, and its high time that our educational system caters to building diverse careers.

Recruit Trained Teaching Staff

Teachers merely hired on the basis of their degree may prove to be devastating for a child’s future. Not every highly educated person is capable of explain complex concepts to students of variable levels of understanding. Hence, one’s educational background should not be the only criteria for hiring teachers – especially in university. Teachers should be trained to tackle every student, by acknowledging their individuality and enlightening them about their strengths and weaknesses.

Make Quality Education Accessible to All

One of the biggest setbacks faced by our society is that our corrupt officials disregard the need of free education of all. Although government institutions do provide merit based scholarships, but it comes with a compromise on the quality of education. Most bright minds are forced into labour to support their families financially at a very young age, hence the dropout rate in Pakistan is fairly high. Moreover, girls are married of at a young age and the vicious cycle continues in the next generation.

Stricter Invigilation and Examination

Educational system is fairly reliable in Punjab, but it is massively flawed in Sindh. Especially when it comes to the Karachi Board system. Not only are its textbooks never updated and obsolete, but the paper pattern doesn’t change either. Students are expected to memorize lengthy sheets of answers and copy paste the content in a presentable manner – note, that the exams essentially don’t test the students’ learning, but their memory. Yet, some students still tend to resort to cheating to pass their exams. Forged degrees are also being used and there isn’t a proper system to crosscheck them.

Instill The Habit of Community Service in Young Students

This is especially important for students who come from privileged background. Our cities are paradoxical, with one posh area and the other full of slums. This lack of interaction between the two polarities gives room for profound ignorance. The poor are deprived of donations and the rich indulge in commodity fetishism. If we are really to think of our economy’s and our citizens’ wellbeing, we must bridge the gap between the two classes. Community service induces empathy and a sense of responsibility in the students – to not take their privilege and degrees for granted and instead of fleeing abroad, they must give back to our community.

Quite understandably all these amendments still have a long way to be made, if at all. But as parents and as responsible individuals, we can instill better habits in ourselves and in our children, by doing whatever we can within our capacity. Our actions should reflect our level of education.

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