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How to Write Research Proposal According To Pakistan Standard

Writing a research proposal is the gateway to your final year thesis as, it lays the ground work for getting approval for your final year dissertation or thesis and because it is the detailed description of a proposed study to investigate a problem. Without the proper authorization, you cannot move forward with your dissertation. In most cases, you need the ‘go ahead’ so that you can seek sponsorship or assistance with experimental methods which may be required for your final thesis.

Below listed are tips and outlines to help you get started:

Choosing the right topic

It’s a vast world with a plethora of topics to choose from, however; you need to be able to shortlist the topic that is pertinent to your area of education and one which you have credence on that you can cope up with. Do not hesitate in striking a conversation with your supervisor on choosing the right topic, it might save you from the hassle of browsing through miscellaneous subjects for your proposal.

Understanding the Format

Each university contains its set of guidelines and rules. With respect to Pakistani universities, the generally set standard is APA Format with Times New Roman and size 12 for font. Further details can be found from the university itself. Few basic outlines for all proposals consist of:

Chapter 1: Introduction

It is essential to lay down the foundation of any proposed topic with its detailed background and the significance as to why the particular topic has been chosen for study. A proper intro needs to be compelling enough to justify the basis and the purpose of the study being conducted and whether or not it is feasible to be conducted. Most of all, it needs to provide with the rationale and the design of the study with the logical implications which may be conferred.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

A literature review is a search and evaluation of the available literature in your given subject or chosen topic area. It is essential for demonstrating the gathered information in an organized manner and for synthesizing all the information into a summary. However, it is not to be written in a descriptive list style and it must be defined by a guiding concept i.e. essay question, research project or objective.

Chapter 3: Research Methods/ Research Design

This section comprises of thorough narrative into the research methods or the research design that shall follow into the study. The methods or design follow into a comprehensive layout containing the practical techniques that will be utilized to gather the data and then accordingly infer accurate results from it.

Chapter 4: Conclusion/ Result

The last paper of your proposal which shall list down all the pending research and the findings you have come across up till now. An analysis of the hypothesis conducted and what future research is required on the study chosen.

Chapter 5: Bibliography/ Citations/ Sources

It is highly critical that you include the references for your research to justify the basis of your study. A minimum of twenty references should be listed in APA Format in alphabetical order with double spacing between entries.

It is paramount to note that before submitting in front of the supervisory committee that you need to be consistent in your research and pursue perfectionism while writing. It may not be your magnum opus, but if it is par with the requirements of the supervisory committee, you may on a good path for getting your topic of study approved!

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