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Oh I am getting the degree! Wow I ranked at top! This is the dream of every ACCA student as they work so hard during their journey of acquiring degree. But non business students may wonder what does ACCA means at all?


Interested in ACCA degree?

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the leading accountancy body which is recognized internationally. If you qualify ACCA than that’s means you have ability to work in all aspects of business with perfect calculations.

Well that was the introduction but how to write thesis when one have done ACCA. As defined by thesis writing help “ACCA is more about calculations and thesis is more about writings and information”. The main points an ACCA thesis consist of are:

  1. Sketch Your Thesis
  2. Know your numbers
  3. Know your Audience
  4. Be accurate about your calculations
  5. Prove your work
  6. Conclusion

Sketch Your Thesis

Sketch well your thesis. Be up to date about your research. Know what are you writing about. The ACCA thesis will be tough if one doesn’t know from where to start and where to end. Master your topic and be sure about your calculations. Show a connection between your information and your calculations. Plan your research like Business Plan Service in Pakistan, plan your research questions and try to answer them with perfect calculations. Whatever company you have chosen be honest with it and give proper detailing of their work. Why did you choose that company what was your concern for them.

Know Your Numbers

One needs to be very accurate about numbers to get perfect scores like ACCA obu mentor. Whatever data you are getting from company should be updated and real. Do proper quantitative analysis and research. What financial work you are planning to do? What might be the outcomes? What effects the numbers have on their overall performance of the company? Be the best in your work!

Know your Audience:

You need to know your audience. The audience is very well educated and from the same field.  So you cannot just give them anything you want. You have to be positive about your research and thesis and whatever you are putting in the thesis. The business reviews, SWOT analysis, industry review and financial performance of company should be well communicated with your audience. Through your thesis audience will get to know inner side of the company. You have to be like best Dissertation writing services.

Be accurate about your calculations:

ACCA is all about calculations that are done from start till end. Be perfectionist like Thesis Editing and Proofreading Service. Read and proofread your work. Only one calculation can turn a company upside down in international market. This happened to a person in New Jersey, when ACCA grade wrote his thesis on renowned company and they approved it but problem occurred when the data was showing downfall of a company which was not true. Due to this, the company had to go under Audit before time to check the issue. But they found nothing at all later on they rechecked the essay for third time and find a minor mistake in the thesis which got to be major change in the final report. This proves that one has to be sure with his number before going for the approval.

Prove your work:

According to ACCA thesis writing service, whatever you are calculating you have to prove it with backup research. You just can’t give a number and tell the world that it is just like that! You need to give proper explanation of your findings with backup calculations. The calculations must show how the things worked for company? What changed the major outcomes and what caused minor changes in income statements. Explain your work and relate them with calculations. Show a logical explanations for the changing that occurred and may occur in end.


All the thesis written, all the data well interpreted now it’s time for giving a terrific conclusion which complements the whole thesis. Many students work so hard on their essays, calculation and other stuff but they miss the endings of their thesis. Plan your ending properly, choose wise phrases to explain your findings. Your conclusion should be strong enough to guides the reader about the actual performance of the company. A vague conclusion might not strengthen your thesis. It will weaken your overall effect on the reader.

Are we done yet? No!

Here are some do and don’ts of ACCA thesis which one has to look forward.


  1. Plan:

Plan your thesis properly, know what has been asked and what is required. Do not just write before planning it. Many students just don’t know how to write a proper thesis. Take help from someone who has passed ACCA. Ask them how to write and what to explain.

  1. Be Accurate:

Impress your audience by your knowledge and accuracy. Be sure about your numbers and calculation as it will have great effect on your degree.

  1. Proofread:

Read and proofread your work. Be sure about the interpretations that you have done. If possible get them checked by someone more knowledgeable than you. Get reviews about your work. Ask people if they are able to understand your work on not.

  1. Be Worthy!

You have spent so much time on your work be sure it is worthy for people who will read it. It became one of best useful source for company’s benefits.


  1. Don’t emphasize too much:

Do not emphasize too much on each and every calculation. Reader might don’t have time to read every small calculations. Be quick and genuine. Guide your reader thoroughly during your work.

  1. Don’t run for results:

Do NOT run for quick results. Calmly explain your answer and justify them with numbers.

So, above was the DIY guide for ACCA thesis writing. Hope you have enjoyed it. See you in next blog guys.

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